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  1. This side is dedicated to help out the community of loyal players that need support with the game.

  2. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…lol I feel like I am in a shopping mall xd

  3. Yes Fred did a excellent job on the web page.

  4. yes morda is in the shopping mall buying some more banana hammock’s!!!lmfao

  5. hi guys just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work (GO FEAR ) !!!!!!!!

  6. Hello all i just wanted to pop on here and give a shout out to Phreeze and Fred for all the hard work they have done for the FEAR players old and hopefully new. You guys are amazing and i wanted to say thank you for keeping this game alive. i am trying my hardest to get some new and old people i know to come back and play i have used my facebook as a way to inform some of my old clan members to what has been going on and hopefully get them to come back and play once again thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    http://fear-community.org/ For my F.E.A.R friends on facebook time for you all to come back to fear click here to get your new cd keys and see all the improvements that have been made by [eAu]Phreeze and =MXT=Fred they have been working really hard to eliminate the hacking and crashing of the servers and they have succeded with a new SEC2 server patch come back and play all and be part of our community and fear family!!!!!!:) <<—— this is what i posted on my facebook:)

  7. Oh, how cute, nice comment; and nice work for you guys of course! 😀

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