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Learn from the most well-known FEAR player, HappyStick

People that have been around for a long time know FEAR is an extremely complex game with many different aspects and levels to master. HappyStick, a FEAR veteran that has been around for many years has written a very detailed article about its’ framework and all the things you need to take your game to the next level, whatever your level may be. This article consists of very basic things up to very advanced concepts. Its’ goal is to help you look at FEAR from a new perspective, and give an explanation of all the things that make this game so unique and complex on so many levels. In the future he’ll be doing more articles on this blog as well, talking about more specific topics.

It’s a long read, but take your time, as it’s definitely worth it!

Link: http://newfearcombat.blogspot.ca/p/fear-101.html