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CTF Tournament! Test your team skills, and Get ready!

Update: We will move the tournament to a better registration system, so please register here http://www.fraggednation.com/tournament/pc/fear/CTF-Tournament-5086


CTF Tournament Sponsored by the FEAR gaming community and Fraggednation.com.

So you think your clan is ready for a tournament. Put your team skills to the test and register your team today. To start the Tournament we need all the clans or teams to sign up and register. This will be a random placement to start. Updates on team rankings, screenshots & videos will be done weekly or as events unfold!


Capture the Flag Tournament Rules & Guidelines

Tournament structure

  • This will be a playoff type tournament.
  • Teams advance to next round by winning a best of 3 match set.
  • There is no limit as to how many teams a clan may enter, however a player can not be on multiple teams.
  • Matches will be played with 4 players per team.
  • Matches must be played within a 2 weeks of the scheduled date, but playing matches as quickly as possible is encouraged.
  • Each match requires 2 referees (1 per team) to enforce the rules and take screen shots and videos

The Server guidelines

  • The servers will be provided by the FGC (FEAR gaming Community) and can be reserved in the Fear-Community tournament forum.
  • Map schedule is provided by tournament admins.
  • 12 minute round time
  • 10 minute overtime
  • 2 Med packs
  • 2 remote bomb
  • 2 proximity grenades
  • 3 grenades
  • 1.3 run speed
  • No super weapons

Gameplay RULES:

  • Hyper-punching,  leaning are accepted!
  • No side stepping or sound glitching!
  • No Map glitching (looking through walls etc.)
  • No hacking
  • Each unique player can only be a member of 1 team.

Register here http://www.fraggednation.com/tournament/pc/fear/CTF-Tournament-5086

Please post on the forums or contact Fred,Phreeze, WhippingPost or Morda for more information.

Learn from the most well-known FEAR player, HappyStick

People that have been around for a long time know FEAR is an extremely complex game with many different aspects and levels to master. HappyStick, a FEAR veteran that has been around for many years has written a very detailed article about its’ framework and all the things you need to take your game to the next level, whatever your level may be. This article consists of very basic things up to very advanced concepts. Its’ goal is to help you look at FEAR from a new perspective, and give an explanation of all the things that make this game so unique and complex on so many levels. In the future he’ll be doing more articles on this blog as well, talking about more specific topics.

It’s a long read, but take your time, as it’s definitely worth it!

Link: http://newfearcombat.blogspot.ca/p/fear-101.html