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F.E.A.R. 10th Anniversary CTF Tournament

2005-10-18: F.E.A.R. was released.

10 years later we are proud of announce the 4on4 CTF Tournament to celebrate this day.

Organize your team and join the action.

Teams, rules and more info in: http://anniversary10thoffear.tourney.cc/

Hire players, request a team, and comment about It in the forum:


FEAR 10th anniversary Tournament

FEAR 10th anniversary Tournament

CheesyPoofs CTF is Back

Back, for a limited time …  it’s CheesyPoofs!

Let’s all show Cheesy some luv!



Map rotation:

  • RoomOfDoom
  • MXTParty
  • Blah
  • House
  • Bypass
  • MXTAlleysReloaded
  • F-PT_CombatPlace
  • eAuPhotonicCore
  • Spillkill
  • TGSTheGreenSphere
  • MXTBrokenNegotiation
  • bedrooms
  • JailBreak
  • TinyCTF
  • Processor