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5 years ago

5 years ago, the worse news arrived to FEAR Combat: The FEAR Master server was Shut Down.
Servers restarting couldn’t come back online. Players searching servers got no response.
The FEAR Community team, by then moslty <eAu>Phreeze and me, =MXT=Fred.cpp were getting ready for this scenario for some time, but we were still not ready.
This nightmare scenario, or like I use to call It, the Ultimate FEAR Fate Event, was previously predicted by Phreee to happen before 2012 end, we were not sure when. Maybe De 15th, we hoped.
I was very optimistic, because I had the FEAR Combat Launcher almost ready, but with important features missing and had to work fast. He was already working on a new Master Server; something that exceded my wildest dreams, but I was condifent he could do “something”.
When that 5/12/2012 day we lost the official master server, lot of people quit. They didn’t know we released, that night the FEAR Combat Launcher, that allowed people to connect to the still running servers.
During the next days Phreeze, that already had made the SEC2 servers support both old and new CKeys, made SEC2 allow new servers to start, without the old master server.
Finally only a month later, he released a Patch that allowed both client and servers go back to normal, making the FEAR Launcher not needed anymore.
A huge task that I want to acknowledge today. Without It, It’s almost sure there would be no servers running.
here is an extract of the about page of this site.
Eventually, more people joined this effort. Thanks for continue with us, to all players, server admins and supporters.
See you ingame.

About FEAR-Community.org

Referees Needed! Don’t be shy we need you!!

We are looking for honest FEAR players to help with the TDM tournament. We are actively recruiting referees to moderate the TDM matches. We are looking for candidates to become official referees from all around the world to represent the FEAR community. If you are interested comment here and we will contact you. Qualifications


1.Be familiar with SCMD and CMD_ commands
2.Be fair and honest
3.Know the rules and be willing to enforce the rules
4.Be-able to take screen shots and video clips of the matches

3on3 TDM Tournament Pre-register Open

We have had to wait a lot to get a new tournament, but here Is It.
We are opening a pre-register forum post to know how many teams will get In, we need minimum 8 teams to make It work, but I expect to get more, maybe 16. Each clan can get as much teams as they want, the only limitation is they need to have registered users in fear-community.org; the rules and dates will be discussed in the forums.

So please register your team in this post!

UPDATE: WE COMPLETED 20 TEAMS! We will post more info as soon as It’s available; you can follow the current discussions in the forums.

HOST A TOURNAMENT SERVER: Download the official config files:
[wpdm_file id=6]