SEC2 Beta 6 (Win32/Linux)

Well, it’s been a couple of months since the last release, but a new version of SEC2 (Beta 6) is finally here.

I would like to think it was worth the wait because there are a significant number of new features added in this release.

As usual, if you previously requested a copy of SEC2, we will be distributing the updated version to you shortly via e-mail.  If you would like to request a copy of SEC2, please use the “Request SEC2 (Beta)” link in the right sidebarmenu under the “SEC2” heading.




2.0 Beta6:

Added: additional feedback when adding ip bans (cmd_banip)
Changed: mute radio broadcasts and player name changes for muted players
Fixed: cd-key authentication timeout issues

2.0 Beta5:

Added: new private messaging command (cmd_msg {id} {message})
Added: optional reason parameter for warnings (cmd_warnuser {id} [reason])
Added: optional damage amount parameter to cmd_burn, cmd_fry, and cmd_energy (note: damage amount must be a multiple of 25).
Added: multi-step scmd login authentication to prevent accidental revelation of passwords (1. scmd login mode, 2. scmd login {pass})
Added: new client reservation system (ReservedUserList.txt, cmd_reserveuser {id}, cmd_unreserveuser {id}, cmd_listreservedusers)
Added: new ping management system (MaxPing, MaxAvgPing, MaxPingVariance)
Added: new customizable SEC2 options (see example ServerOptions.txt — [SEC2] section)
Added: new commands to display and update most SEC2 options from in-game (cmd_showsec2option {option}, cmd_setsec2option {option} {value})
Added: option to protect admins from being slayed by other admins (AllowSlayAdmins={0|1})
Added: option to disable votes when admins are logged in (AllowVotesWithAdmin={0|1})
Added: option to specify custom connection timeout value (ConnectionTimeout={# secs})
Added: option to enable or disable banning of hackers (BanHackers={0|1}) — useful for testing purposes!
Fixed: an issue handling player names containing semi-colons (;)
Fixed: exception handling when removing user or ip bans
Fixed: user ban file format no longer includes unnecessary port # after the ip address
Changed: broadcast msg for cmd_slay, cmd_burn, cmd_fry, cmd_energy now indicates the type
Changed: do not allow muted players to call votes

Updated: September 10, 2012 — 10:37 pm


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  1. As we speak Server Admins who requested SEC2 in the past, are receiving the new version by email.
    Updating Is heavily recommended!

  2. Please note that, in order to use the ping limit section, you need to add some options to the config file. Be sure to check the readme included!

  3. “Added: option to protect admins from being slayed by other admins (AllowSlayAdmins={0|1})”

    Make sure to allow admins to slay each other in case one turns into a zombie.

  4. Added: option to enable or disable banning of hackers (BanHackers={0|1}) — useful for testing purposes!

    This will result in hackdmins(i.e DEV clan).Did you add auto ban when trying to patch sec?If not please do.

  5. Hi @death.
    I think there’s some confussion there, SEC2 is not built on top of the old SEC, is a work made from scratch.
    About the BanHackers, It is for when you are testing, for example, the distance that you will use to detect a pickup hack; confirmed hack actions will ban even If this parameter is set to 0.

  6. BanHackers=0
    => this will disable all auto-banning of detected hacks and display warnings instead; useful for testing, or maybe you want to run a server where hacks are allowed?!

    BanHackers=1 (default)
    => all obvious hacks result in an auto-ban; non-obvious hacks are displayed as warnings to logged in admins, and sometimes can be false positive

  7. Fantastic release; as close to an active Admin in the server as possible. FEAR 1 is now a world class MP game. Player counts are slowly coming back. Great Job-Thanks again!

  8. Yup to be honestthis is the best Experience playing and running a server, Great Job Phreeze ^_^

  9. how can i get it?

  10. Requesting It with the contact form.
    I already mailed It to you, check your email inbox ^_^

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