SEC2 Beta 7.1 Is out, please read!

I just mailed SEC2 Beta 7.1 to all serveradmins that have requested It in the past. If you didn’t get It, please use the contact form so I can mail It to you.

This is a critical update, since It’s free of all GameSpy Services. As you maybe already know, GameSpy killed all their FEAR services, blocking us from running servers and from authenticate CDKeys (Old CDKeys and starting today, SEC2 keys too).

So we had to make a choice: to stay with the GameSpy auth process as Is, without know when It will stop working 100%, or move a step forward and remove all GameSpy features, INCLUDING THE OLD CDKEYS.

Of course this was a hard decision and we know some won’t be happy with It, but currently most of the remaining FEAR Players with old CDKeys are not so noob players that know FEAR-Community, and even have an account here, If not, the server will kick em with a message about getting a new CDKey at So It shouldn’t be a problem.

We are open to your comments and suggestions, help us to move to a game 100% community driven, this is the last step, without Sierra, Activision, WBGames and GameSpy.


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  1. Please post your comments in this page, so we can keep track of It.

  2. i am happy you killed all gamespy services,
    now we move to the end of the game, and the game is saved from killing by ther own parrands (creators)

    congratulations with your child!
    alma finally given birth, the baby is FEAR Combat in good hands!

  3. Sry guys my cd-key is not valid…i want to play 🙁 !!!! 😀

  4. We are aware of this problem. Can you use the contact form ( ) to give us your CDKey to check It?

  5. We got It. We will be reporting when this issue is fixed, we are confident that will be really fast.

  6. Excellent job on the updates so far! I am unfortunately out of town and can’t update my server until the weekend though.

    From my thread under SEC2, wondering if there is any interest in creating a strictauth cvar similar to Quake 3 Arena. Server admins can toggle it on/off in their config to disable the authentication process. At least it would support a worst case scenario in the event the new auth server ever goes offline. I think it would also be valuable to make the address of the master/auth server a server cvar as well so it could be easily editable by the server admin down the road…

  7. @Paul: The functionality you describe is already inherent to both the stock dedicated server & SEC2 patch. When the master server is offline (either GameSpy or SEC2), all keys will validate successfully due to an “authentication timeout”. So in the future, if the community supported master server goes offline, then all keys will authenticate successfully.

    As for a server variable for the master server, this may or may not be possible unless WarnerBros/Monolith releases the full engine code for FEAR like they did for NOLF2. This is due to the workarounds required to bypass the FEAR engine logic related to gamespy.

  8. @Phreeze Thanks for the explanation. I am a long time admin but not a coder so I’m never sure where specific pieces of functionality lie. Here’s hoping the engine is someday released. Perhaps recent developments (GameSpy) will contribute to them heading in that direction.

  9. what about gameranger? that could list fear servers maybe too

  10. @zenut: The plan is for our new master server to eventually host the server list, and restore the in-game server browser functionality via a small patch to the FEAR client.

  11. Both my original and new key generate invalid key messages on start up but I notice there are lots of players on MXTs server. I sent in my keys yesterday via the contact form. Is there still known outstanding glitch affecting some users or am I alone with this problem or am I doing something wrong or didn’t download something ? I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms 🙂

  12. Hi Dave. Please check my email.

  13. i know guys i am a nobody for ya but thank you to all for good job to keep fear combat alive:*

  14. WRONG! Players are the ones keeping this moving. Thanks for your support ^_^

  15. to Phreeze: yea i am kinda familiar with the PLAN, just that master server will cost aditional money and maybe via gameranger or similar it could be for free
    anyway thanks for good work too!

  16. Thanks Fred. ccp I guess I forgot to check the checkbox that my install was off the FEAR retail box CD set.

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