SEC2 2.1.0 Final Update Release

The Final version of the SEC2 2.1.0 version has been released. This update contains the cumulative work of about 5 years of slow development.

Update is recommended for both Players and Server owners.

Short list of changes include:

For Players:

  • Clients with version 2.1.0 Beta 5 will see few changes, but better support for Mods has been added. Also, Fix for occasional Game Crashes when searching servers.
  • Clients with earlier versions will get Support for Mods right from the Server list ingame, Mirrors for Master Server Ingame Server list and proper descriptions of error when can’t join servers.

For Servers:

  • New SEC2 options (Random Map Selection, Chat Delay, Mute Server).
  • Fixed A lot of Crash attacks.
  • Fixed (Maybe) All flooding to Crash attacks.
  • WhiteList Mode, CDKey and IPBan lists get automatically reloaded when modified by external sources.

For full changelog please read the _CHANGELOG_2_1_0.txt file included

Download “FEAR SEC2 2.1.1 Stable Release” – Downloaded 343 times – 7.65 MB
Updated: July 3, 2023 — 5:25 am

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  1. great I was waiting for an update since a long time but is sad the game doesn’t get any major support, thank you fred for your spare time!

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