Linux Dedicated Server Issues

Update: We identified the issue and it should now be resolved!!

As some server operators may already know, a bug has cropped up in the FEAR Linux dedicated server that causes the server to randomly segfault (crash) during server startup. The crashing seems to occur more often if you have custom maps configured, but also occurs with just stock maps. This has affected all servers hosted with because they use the Linux version exclusively.

At this time the root cause of this bug is still unknown, and seems to have began sometime in the last month or so. We are investigating, but it is possible that we may never be able to resolve this bug because the FEAR engine code (Jupiter EX) has never been publicly released, and the segfault is occurring within one of the engine libraries (

The good news is that the Windows dedicated server is not affected by this bug, and therefore we will recommend that all server operators switch to a Windows server if possible.

Note: One issue with the Windows Dedicated server is the lack of an option to save server logs to disk, so we will be working on an enhancement to add file-based logging in the near future.

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