January 18th 2014 Master Server Outage Details.


25-Jan-2014 – Everything looks fine now. As usual @Phreeze got It fixed 😀 Server admins, you may need to restart your server If It’s not listed ingame.


23-Jan-2014 – There are issues with the master server again. we know It’s frustrating to have these issues. This is a temporal issue again, the service will be back in short.  Meanwhile you can connect by adding IP of your fav server to the game. You can get a list of popular servers here:



The Master Server looks fine now. The service was upgraded to stop DDoS attacks; so further events will not cause this problem. Thanks to the donators that have been helping recently, we (@Phreeze)could upgrade the service 🙂

Currently we are experiencing a Master Server outage, because of an attack:

“Your VM’s IP has been getting hit with DDoS hits repeatedly over the past couple days.”

The Master Server should come back online in short, measures are being taken to prevent this to happen.

Even If some don’t like the work we have been doing, that doesn’t mean we will stop. We run fear-community, the master server, and all other related services to keep the game running. Whoever is attacking the master server is both wasting their time, and hurting the game.

We will update this post as soon as there’s more invo available.

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