Advanced Server Configuration

SEC2 Introduces a new set of server options you can configure.

Here we will describe the currently available in SEC 2.1.0

In order to use these settings, you need to add a New Section to your ServerOptions txt file: [SEC2]

Here is the list of each option, the default value, possible values and what It does.

'This is the number of Player Slots that are reserved for Reserved Players
'When a not reserved player tries to join a server that has no more free slots and only reserved slots, this message will be displayed.
;When this this is set to 1, only players added to WhiteList can join the server. Is some kind of reversed Ban System.
WhiteListCustomMessage="You are not in This Server's WhiteList"
'When a Server is running in WhiteListMode, and a non-whitelisted players tries to join, he will get this message.
;When set to 0, scmd users can't slay other scmd users.
;When set to 0, non scmd users can't call votes when an scmd user is logged in.
;After a player client stops communication, It gets kicked after this nu,ber of seconds.
;If set to 1, the server will constantly verify players ping and kick them If they exceed the following settings.
;This is the number of ping samples used to calculate average values.
;How may seconds between each ping sample
;What's the maximum allowed ping Value? Usually you can use 300-350 as the maximum.
;Maximum average ping for kicking a player
;Maximum variance to kick a player
;How many warnings for high ping before kicking a player
;You can use a custom message to tell the player he was kicked for high ping.
;If you, for some reason, don't want to ban hackers on detection, you can set this to 0 (¿Why would you do that?)
;If set to 1, players with the same tag in their name will be grouped in the same team on balance (Can be a bit Unfair!)
;If set to 1, Players can join without a valid CDKey (Useful to let hackers in without restrictions:/ )
;If your server settings exceed the stock speed settings, you may need to set this to 0 to prevent regular players for being kicked/banned).
;Set to 1 to disable player model animation checks. Useful for mods, like Coop Warfare, Bastard Mod, TT2, and so on. Do not use on Stock FEAR Servers unless you know what you do (It can make your server crasheable).
;When set to 1, It will not check for NoClip hacking. Useful on faulty maps or Debug).
;When set to 1, It will not kick players sending unkown, unused or faulty messages to server. Setting this to 1 will open your server to several Crash attacks.
;When set to 1, maps will be randomly selected. Once all maps in the map rotation were played, the random map selection will start over again.
; When set to 1, all chat messages are muted. When set to 2 only admins can send chat messages.
; Sets the minimum delay (in seconds) between chat messages sent by each player. Default value is 2 seconds