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    I am in the progress of playing through all the fear games again, and then I started wondering what the state of MP was.
    It was then I stumbled upon this community and was surprised!

    Now I am interested in hosting my own server, and would like to have one dedicated to co-op, I did some searching around and found coop maps on here:
    But now I was wondering, how I would actually setup this server? And what mods(?) I would need, and configuration.
    I asked over there, but they pointed me to “Removeallbadai Exitlevel in the fear community facebook group”, he is the creator apparently.

    I didn’t see him on facebook, so I am posting here.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello. You can download required server files from here
    and extract them to installed dedicated full fear combat sec2 server directory.

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    Have you tried to host coop server?

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    Hey sorry not yet, I did download it and took a quick look at the files.
    Is the SEC build for this custom or can I run the latest linux version as well?

    Since I will not be running this on windows and the files included are the windows server files.

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      It is edited server SEC2 without “Warning, HPOLY (%d, %d) had no associated surface!” spam on FEAR Perseus Mandate levels. SP or custom maps with AI do not work correctly on Linux SEC2 as i remember, but it is possible to use wine for both server and client on FreeBSD or Linux.
      If you do not plan for hosting EP or PM levels and do not need SP music and videos then most files there are optional.

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    wineconsole LaunchServer.bat

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    Last time I checked, you could run Coop Warfare mostly 100% with this repacked version, that supports recent SEC2 builds and all other hosting options:
    About the latest Linux SEC2 version, you can also try
    (You can see Linux version is from the last day of 2018, because of an issue we are working on. Windows versions are far more recent).

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    I was not correct about “linux sec2”. I wanted to say linux server will not work with ai maps. Or will work?

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    Anyway, i have tried hosting linux coop server and it had many problems.

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    Looks like i am more interesting in hosting your server than you.

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    I tried a couple of things but didn’t post it here yet.

    I tried: Linux server with the SP server files and config:
    Didn’t work, said it didn’t find any maps in the config file to start.
    When I changed the config to GameMode=Singleplayer it did start.

    I tried connecting, but I didn’t figure out where to put the files on the client (I tried the Install directory and the appdata/documents folder thing and it still started to download the files)
    So after a long download later, it finally loaded the game, it worked but there were no enemies to shoot.

    I then tried the server on windows, so I install the full windows server and copy pasted the SP files ontop. Launched the bat and tried to connect locally.
    For this I didn’t have to change the config file, it could stay on SlomoDM for some reason.
    Loaded up the game, joined and same problem, no enemies to shoot.

    So I am kinda stuck here, the client I use to connect is FEAR Combat, does it not work with that? And where would I need to put the files on the client? Since I plan to also use this on a lan party, and I don’t want people there to download all the files.

    Hope someone has some idea’s.

    Thanks in advance!

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    When i tried Linux version of server i did not see enemies too (some or all do not remember).

    You can convert CompressedArch directory to DownloadContent and move it to “~/.wine/drive_c/users/Public/Documents/Monolith Productions/FEARCombat”.
    Maybe server uses ServerOptions from different place (from Documents/Monolith\ Productions/FEARCombat) or “.txt” serveroptions file.

    Weird there are no CAI on windows version of server. On what map? Could you create Monolith Productions/FEARCombat/Custom/AdditionalContent and copy there some simple map ATC_Roof or E3_Demo_2005_Short (do not forget to delete to avoid problems in other servers) and run server from client host menu.

    It works with FEARCombat definitely and it does not work without server changes for FEAR from cd, steam or gog. You can try to connect to TLR Coop server.

    I shall write here link on really full server later but it could have more than 9 Gb size even compressed.

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    And one more thing – it is not a legal way to run coop server. This was one of the reasons why SP maps were removed from coop-warfare. Check out vityacv fear server mod

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    Also btw, wineconsole the bat doesn’t work. Because the windows server tries to open a window.

    I will try that new download.

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    Try something like this WINEPREFIX=~/.wine_sp_server wineconsole LaunchServer.bat

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    Would be interesting to know does LaunchServer.bat work know using custom wineprefix?

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      I haven’t tried it yet, but I believe it wouldn’t.

      Since the server program on windows actually opens a window, not just console.
      And my Linux server is headless. So no X server.

      But as soon as I can, I will try it.

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    It will not work without X server.

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    I tried linux version of server with sp maps again. Looks like spawn commands do not work and only not template characters are present. You can see them on Performance, Docks, ATC_Roof and some others.

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    Working yet?

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    It is working.

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