FEAR Launcher 1.2 (ServerList Fix)

FEAR Launcher Server List

FEAR Launcher Server List

As you maybe already know, we were working on several new features and backup plan in case FEAR Master Server shut downs.

5-dec-2012 GameSpy Stopped listing FEAR Servers, This could be a permanent move, so we need to take action to help you play and server admins host their servers.

We were already working on It so in the same night this happened, we release the first public beta version of the:


FEAR Launcher 1.2


  • Join FEAR Servers with a double click (The list is being updated, wait some hours/days to get the full list). It will take 1 to 2 mins to join the servers, just wait!
  • CDKey change/update/Replace. for FEAR and FEAR Combat.
  • Multilanguage support ( you can change the game language in the launcher, and It will download the needed files). Since this is a beta version please don’t abuse this feature and use only the language you need! Help us save bandwith.

What’s pending?

I had to rework the server list, because It was based in the FEAR Master Server too, so was not working as well. We are using a static list for now, but we will make It work as before, will need only some time.

Meanwhile, If you want your server listed and It’s not there, use the contact form to let us know about It, the only requirement is that the IP of the server must be static! )

The Launcher needs .net Framework 3.5

We will update as soon as there’s more info.

FEAR Launcher 1.2

How to use? Extract the content of the file in the game directory and run Launcher.exe.

The game will wait 2 mins before join! Is much longer than before, but IT works. just wait there!

Feedback Is wanted! Please comment your experience with It.

Updated: December 11, 2012 — 1:15 am

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