FEAR Combat Key Updater Tool

The tool that lets you update your cd-key from outside FEAR is ready for download.

As you may have already noticed, the new FEAR cd-keys are not the same size as the old ones, meaning that they can not be updated from within FEAR.

To help you on this, we created a tool that will make this process easy.

You can find it in the downloads section.

Extra help on updating your key, with the tool or manually, can be found In the help section.

If you need any extra assistance with updating your key, please make a post in this forum:




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  1. Great Video bro, thanks ^_^ ( People nowadays needs clear explanations like this one 😀


  3. If you have one, you don’t need It.
    But new players can’t get one because the original site doesn’t work anymore.

  4. Yea, what Fred said.

    Some of your friends who may have never played the game are able to give it a try. It runs well even on older PCs. Especially folks who bought the game on Steam during the last X-mas sale who maybe thought they would never be able to play multiplayer can now play on SEC2 servers!

  5. Hi there
    Ok so i recently installed and patched my fear combat from the old days to 1.08 used a 5 block key i found here as i cant find the email that contained the key that i got from then when the server was still up and reging keys for ppl as the games free and all so i found this site reged myself got a new key but i see its a 4 block key and as i cant join any servers from the launcher because the ping is WAY WAY WAY to gr8 and i normaly Host for my friends that live in my country all i get after changing the 5 block key to the 4 block 1 it says bla bla bla invalid all that so im now lost as to what else to do i have a 3GIG Cap on my internet so i cant just go download 1.7gig thats my cap gone lol so im lost as to what to do next any help will be gr8ly appreciated
    thanks in advance for any help provided

  6. hi xlscythe, I’ll mail you SEC2 so you can join your own server.
    Please note, all other players must use a fear-community.org key too, old keys are no longer supported.

  7. Excellent =MXT=Fred.cpp thank you Very much im blown away lol
    This is vastly appreciated 1320 XL Clan members thank you
    Im not sure if you have the email address in witch to send SEC2 so here it is in any case: ??????@??????.?? : and WOW on such a Speedy response very impressive
    Thanks again

  8. hey. yeah I had the email, was sent with the contact form.
    Did you get the files? I mailed It yesterday (20 hours ago ^_^ )

  9. Hi there thanks for that bit of info. it never came through to me on thunderbird so I logged onto the main account online and low and behold there it was sitting in Spam lol
    ill get this up and running ASAP for tomorrows “Test” run for the Brilliant Classic Games servers im going to be running. also ive told everyone to come on through to the fear community and get sorted as far as the keys go and all that fun stuff
    Thanks A Million

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