FEAR Combat 1.08 Full Installer

We are happy to announce the availability of the new FEAR Combat 1.08 full Installer.

What Is It?

Is a installer that lets you get the latest version of FEAR without extra patches, in a single file.

Why do I need It?

If you have already the game installed, you don’t need It. If you want to start playing, this is the best choice, because you won’t need extra patches or updates, It will install the 1.08 version.

Also If you got a new SEC2 FEAR CDKey, this will be perfect for you, because unlike the old installers, It won’t ask for a old CDKey on install.

Once you complete the setup, you can add your  key.

How do I use It?

Download, run, next, next, next.

Need some guide? Check this detailed Setup guide at RAW Recruits Site.

Where do I get It?

In our downloads section.

Additional notes:

Includes the CDKey  updater tool.

Filesize is 1.68 GB (If possible use download managers).


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  1. good work gyse 🙂

  2. RaW has posted a very nice tutorial as well. I like it! 🙂


  3. Yea that is very informative.No one can mess up,great work RAW

  4. Please HELP
    After downloading the installer 1.08, and unzipped it (99% hung)
    I tried to install many times with the installer, but when i double click it or press enter, the
    fear_combat_108_full_community.exe just stuck there for hours and won’t start to install ( I don’t even have the chance to press “NEXT” “NEXT” “NEXT”)
    When it stucked there, my processor was working on 100%!!!( For hours)
    Can solve my problem?
    I’m using windows 7 64 bits

  5. some people have reported issues with Miscrosoft Security Essentials. If you have It, try disabling It. It’s only that It doesn’t like the high compressed files.

  6. You can also try just disabling “Scan Archive Files” in MSE (under Settings -> Advanced).

  7. hallo brauche einen cd key habe das spiel schon heruntergeladen aber leider noch keinen cd key kann mir jemand helfen wie ich einen bekomme .

    mfg danke im vorraus.

  8. Der Key steht oben rechts. Klicke auf “Check my CD-Key”. Und da findest du ihn.

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