Referees Needed! Don’t be shy we need you!!

We are looking for honest FEAR players to help with the TDM tournament. We are actively recruiting referees to moderate the TDM matches. We are looking for candidates to become official referees from all around the world to represent the FEAR community. If you are interested comment here and we will contact you. Qualifications


1.Be familiar with SCMD and CMD_ commands
2.Be fair and honest
3.Know the rules and be willing to enforce the rules
4.Be-able to take screen shots and video clips of the matches


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  1. I will be the first to apply for referee, I know scmd and cmd commands and I’m familiar with sec2 beta 4. I know and understand the rules and I’m capable of taking screen shots and videos. I’m located in the US on the east coast (i added that for ping reasons)

    The only problem is my schedule is tight but with advance notice I may be able to referee. Just let me know.

  2. I can be the referee but there are some pluses and minuses ;D
    Pluses :
    -I know the rules like my own pocket
    -i am fair and neutral
    minuses :
    -I am not familiar with scmd
    -I ‘ m not able to recording (only screenshots making)

  3. If you guys need another I can

  4. TheRealFearless

    If i would be referee everyone would be banned? LOL =)

  5. Probably. but we can reset bans from outside the servers.

  6. TheRealFearless

    freddy, you know im kiddin around.. lawl

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